Offer your clients a new way of dealing with their insurances and make your business grow

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How does it works?

Increase the revenue from your current portfolio

You will know all the policies your client has, even those you never hear about. This allow you to be the first when sending a quote to renew the policy and we will feed you with data about your cliente so you will have first hand information of your client needs

Get new customers without lifting a finger

We invest an important amount of our budget in getting new users. After that, our algorithm assigns the customer and her policies to the insurance broker or agent that better fits with the customer's need.

Without spending any single dollar, you will see your revenue rise.

Forget the email, this will help you to close more sales

You will continue to have the same ways to communicate with your clients, but now you will have a more powerful tool. With our chat you will be able to exchange pictures, send quotes and even get documents signed by your client on the fly.

And be prepared for the biggest change in the industry for decades

Internet of Things, blockchain, microinsurances,... This are just a few technologies you should start to accustom. Start your digital transformation with our help, and take advantage of the new business opportunities that these disruptive technologies bring. 



Discover Segguroo and start paying when you are ready

Try it now with up to 5 clients and up to 1,000$ in premiumswithout any commitment nor cost

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¿Can't find your plan? We have tailored solutions

Enterprise solutions for brokers with high volumes of selling and big portfolios that require tailored solutions. Email us to and we will study your situation.

Discover Segguroo and start paying when you are ready

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¿Is my information and my clients' info visible by other brokers or agents?

No. Only you could see your information.

¿How can you help to grow my business?

We acquire new users everyday, and each of this user will be invited to connect their policies to you. Also you will know more information about your current customers that will allow you to cross-up-sell.

I am the broker of a collective like the employees of a company, ¿Is Segguroo useful for them too?

Absolutely yes. Segguroo works very well with this kind of potential customers. They will have the basic information of their insurance and will have a direct way to contact you instead of go through HR.

¿How do you assign the broker to a new client?

If you invited the client into Segguroo, this client is yours and we will always assign you as her broker for every new policy added. If we acquire it, then our algorithm will determine who is the best broker.

¿Can I cancel the service?

Yes, you can whenever you decide. 

¿What do I need to start?

You will need to prepare the list of clients and policies you want to invite to Segguroo, so they can start using the app. You will connect to your customers trough our platform and chat.


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Madrid, Spain

C/ Eloy Gonzalo 27 (28010)

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